ZION’s story begins in the early 1990s and continues through today. Below is a brief history from the early days through present:

NeXTSTEP, Objective-C

It was the early 1990s. The world was pre-internet. ZION’s Founder, David Ferrero, was studying Computer Science & Engineering at The University of Connecticut.  He was also working for Steve Jobs as a NeXT Campus Consultant. David quickly took to the NeXTSTEP platform and Objective-C programming language. After graduating, David formed Zion Software & Consulting and developed and licensed several commercial software applications for NeXTSTEP including TeleComm and ZionDECView. In addition, David began providing NeXTSTEP enterprise software consulting to early adopters of NeXTSTEP. Clients included MCI, Phibro Energy, The Hartford, Yale University, and others.

Enterprise Consulting

In 1998, demand for software consultants grew rapidly as companies around the world raced to build web portals. Zion Software was ready to meet the demand, leveraging skills in Java, CORBA, SQL and Linux/Unix. Enterprise clients include Cigna, ING, K12, Travelers Life & Annuity, United HealthCare, Walt Disney, and others.

JBuddy Software Business Unit

Also in 1998, Zion Software formed the JBuddy Software business unit to develop commercially available Instant Messaging software solutions.

Mobile App Consulting

In 2013, as worldwide adoption of smartphones surged, demand for mobile app consulting also grew. David lead Zion Software to launch an iOS Mobile App Consulting practice, leveraging 8 years of experience in NeXTSTEP and Objective-C which are the foundations of iOS. In 2014, Zion also began leveraging Apple’s new software language, Swift. Clients include Aetna, Cengage, Cerner, Cigna, Zipcar and others.